Floridians Benefit from Solar Rebates and Incentives

In addition to drawing attention to Florida’s need for renewable energy diversification, Governor Jeb Bush and state legislators recently passed The Solar Energy System Incentives Program, slated for $2.5 million in appropriations the first year, which makes Florida consumers and businesses that are installing solar equipment — including solar photovoltaic (electricity) panels, solar water heaters and solar pool heaters — eligible for solar rebates.

“When coupled with the Federal incentives, the new state rebates should really spur energy-conscious Floridians to make the move to a renewable energy solution in their building improvements,” said Dale Gulden, CEO of Solar Direct. “Consumers and businesses need to move fast, though. With some simple math and existing orders in the queue, we can see the year’s available rebates are going to be exhausted quickly, some believing within a few months,” he added. According to the recently signed energy bill, if rebate funds are insufficient for a given year, rebate requests will be processed for the following year’s allocation. Prior year requests for rebates will be given priority. The state program runs from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2010. Also to Floridians’ benefit, these systems are eligible for federal tax incentives based on the 2005 Federal Energy Act.


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