Florida Utility Seeks Green Energy Partners

Florida-based Utility JEA is requesting proposals from companies that provide renewable (green power) energy to help the utility meet a voluntary goal to attain 7.5 percent of electric generating capacity from renewable resources by 2015.

Jacksonville, Florida – March 1, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] “We’ve received an overwhelming response to our request for proposals (RFP) from potential vendors,” said Susan Hughes, JEA Vice President of Environmental Services. “More than 80 companies have requested the RFP so far.” Continuing its efforts to further diversity its fuel sources, JEA set its own goal to generate 315 MW from renewable energy sources including solar, wind, biomass (grasses, plants, landfill gas), geothermal, and water. JEA is already among the top utility producers of solar power nationwide. Since launching its solar initiative in 1999, JEA has brought 218 kW of solar power on line. In addition, JEA receives credit for 4,137 kW being generated through a Solar Incentive Program established in 2002. “Through the RFP, we hope to identify companies that can work with us to attain our goal over the next decade or longer,” Hughes said. “Along with promoting fuel diversity for JEA, it will also decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and lower the impact of fossil fuel energy generation on human health and the environment.” Through the RFP process, JEA hopes to establish several long-term contracts (up to 20 years) to purchase energy from renewable sources. JEA is the eighth largest community-owned electric utility in America, providing electric, water and sewer services to more than 750,000 accounts in Northeast Florida.
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