Florida Solar Lags “Way Behind” Potential

[Tampa Tribune] Henry Cutler’s five-bedroom, 2,700- square-foot house resembles a power plant – in performance if not appearance….However, Cutler’s house remains an anomaly, with similarly equipped homes far more likely in California and Arizona than Florida. Officials estimate fewer than 100 Florida residences convert solar energy into electricity among 250,000 to 350,000 nationwide. Others involved with solar energy conversion issues – consultants, academicians, utility company officials and solar entrepreneurs – share the notion that converting solar energy to residential electricity is likely to remain a long shot in Florida, unless a crisis compels a radical change in thinking. “When it comes to solar energy conversion, the Sunshine State is way behind,” said Bruce Kershner, who heads the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association. “The only incentive the consumer has had over the years has been the sales-tax exemption.” [Full story at the following link].
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