Flagsol Develops New Solar Collector

Flagsol GmbH, a Solar Millennium technology subsidiary, has developed a new line of parabolic trough collectors. According to the company, a series of innovations means that the investment costs for solar collectors will be reduced by 15 to 20 percent in the future. The new collector has been designed by Flagsol’s engineering team in Cologne, Germany.

Flagsol is currently assembling a collector unit with which to test the assembly concept and to verify the geometric precision. Once these tests have been concluded the new collectors will be installed in an existing commercial parabolic trough power station as of autumn 2008 in order to assess the performance of the new collector and to demonstrate its deployment capability under real conditions.
“With the new generation of collectors we are setting the standards for efficiency and cost-reduction in parabolic trough technology. This enables us to continue to expand out technology leadership and brings us one step closer to our goal of being able to do without subsidies within a few years,” said Dr. Henner Gladen, CTO of Solar Millennium.

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