Fiber Optics Could Speed Development of Higher Efficiency Solar Cells

Fiberstars, Inc.’s EFO fiber-optic technology, currently applied in lighting, will benefit from $240,000 in funding through the Very High Efficiency Solar Concentrator Consortium (VHESC).

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) established the VHESC program to demonstrate at least 50% efficiency in a photovoltaic (PV) device by 2010. The Consortium is led by the University of Delaware and includes the top solar teams in industry and academia. Fiberstars has been working with this group of corporations and universities including University of Rochester, BP Solar and DuPont, to develop materials, processes and optics to speed the solar industry’s development of higher efficiency solar cells. Fiberstars was selected to join the consortium in 2006; this new installment will fund Fiberstars contributions through the next stage of the project. Fiberstars’ EFO optical solutions currently provide unique high quality lighting solutions for large retailers, grocery stores and hotels and the company is investigating ways the patented fiber optic technology can be applied to deliver direct sunlight to solar cells. “The additional funding is further testament to the potential of Fiberstars’ EFO technology to dramatically improve the efficiency of solar cells,” said John Davenport, CEO of Fiberstars.


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