Fat Spaniel & Satel Partner on Solar Management

Fat Spaniel Technologies Inc. announced this week in Spain that it has formed a new partnership with Satel Spain, a company that specializes in data collection and radio frequency communications solutions. The partnership represents an industry first, offering customers a total solution for responsible energy management, the companies said.

As a result of this agreement, both companies will jointly market and sell a solar management solution that includes Satel radio modems and Fat Spaniel’s Insight Manager. Fat Spaniel will host the intelligent management applications and data, and customers will be able to choose the communications configuration and management applications that meet the needs of portfolio managers and analysts.

“Satel’s radio modem technology provides vital communication capabilities for highly distributed solar operations,” said Chris Beekhuis, founder, president and CTO of Fat Spaniel. “The company’s established presence in the energy industry and its depth of understanding of the requirements and challenges made them the logical choice for our collaborative effort.”

Satel radio modems communicate wirelessly with each other across a range of up to tens of kilometers. As radio modems are independent of mobile and satellite network operators, no recurring cost is associated with transferring data. Radio modems for both unlicensed and licensed frequency bands are available.

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