Fall in Love with Rooftop Solar Panels

Homeowners are absolutely falling in love with solar energy! The benefits of solar energy astound them. From cutting down on pollution to lessening carbon emissions and trimming costs—their rooftop solar panels not only profit themselves as the owners. The panels also make a difference in the rest of the world too!

Research conducted by Environment America Research & Policy Center affirms the difference solar energy makes. The research, called Shining Rewards, looks at sixteen different solar studies and concludes some interesting benefits ringing true throughout all the research.

Reducing Pollution

One of the many benefits includes reducing greenhouse gases. Just two years ago, gases caused by the polluted electricity industry provided 30% of all greenhouse gases in the US.

In the following year 2015, the United States saw carbon emissions lessened by nearly eight million metric tons! Rooftop solar panels made this reduction possible.

Because solar energy reduces pollution, people notice better health within their families. They no longer have to breathe in as many toxic gases, often caused by the coal industry. This improved health provides tremendous value to Americans who often live in areas filled with toxic levels of pollution.

Upon studying the effects coal plants have on people’s health, the National Research Council realized how much these fossil fuels were raising health costs. In fact, their 2005 research showed that the average household running on coal–powered electricity was spending $350 extra per year on healthcare. By adding rooftop solar panels to their homes, families stop supporting new fossil fuel plants from opening, giving the world cleaner air and fewer doctors’ visits each year.

Creating Jobs

Another benefit of solar energy is the jobs it creates. Companies must produce the most efficient panels, install them on homes and businesses and develop other useful products like storage batteries. This boost in the economy provided solar jobs for over 200,000 people in 2015!

Cutting Utility Costs

Of course, one main benefit the world enjoys is trimmed utility costs. They find these lower prices in their utility bills for many reasons, including relying less on expensive fossil fuels and receiving credits for excess solar energy created (called net metering). Even non-solar neighbors may see a lower electric bill as utility companies spend less money with their high–dollar power plants during peak seasons.

Additionally, rooftop solar panels reduce utility costs because their created energy doesn’t get lost in the producing and transferring stages. Since Americans paid an extra $21 billion in 2014 for energy waste, they greatly benefit from squeezing out every last kilowatt-hour they need with solar energy. No dollars wasted means more dollars pocketed for these families!

Stable Energy

Along with lower utility costs, homeowners also enjoy more stability with their solar energy. The small energy bill they do have doesn’t vary with the fluctuating costs of fossil fuels. Instead, they can rely on their cost always staying low and stable, providing economic relief.

Because solar provides so many lasting benefits for families, from lowered costs to better health, it’s no wonder that homeowners fall in love with their rooftop solar panels. After all, they are working hard to make the world a better place.


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