Evergreen Supplies 12,000 Solar Panels to Spanish Power Plant

The Spanish solar market continues to expand with the addition of a new solar power plant in the town of Avila, which is equipped with 12,240 Evergreen Solar panels that will produce approximately three megawatts (MW) of power annually. The power plant is being developed by RALOS Iberica.

“This unique project marks an important milestone in our strategic global sales and marketing program,” said Dr. Terry Bailey, Evergreen’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “While Germany remains the leader in solar power utilization, Spain is one of several emerging markets that are ripe for growth. Our agreement with RALOS and other collaborations currently under development are providing Evergreen with valuable entrées into these promising new markets.”

The Avila project is unique due to the considerable technical challenges presented by the topography of the site. The plant is located on a mountain, 3,100 feet above sea level. To anchor the solar panels securely, the assembly system is anchored to the earth with large bolts measuring more than six feet long.

Due to the Spanish government’s stringent environmental requirements, the developer had to prove that the assembly—after 25 years of use—could be dismantled without any parts remaining. In addition, the cables used to transmit electricity to the power grid will be installed underground to preserve the natural landscape.

The solar panels are produced from Evergreen Solar’s proprietary String Ribbon™ technology. The solar power station in Avila is expected to begin transmitting electricity to the local grid later this year. RALOS Iberica is developing two additional power-generating projects in Spain, each using Evergreen Solar panels, that are projected for completion in 2008.

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