Evergreen Solar Panels Top Japanese High School

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., a the Japanese marketing partner for Evergreen Solar, Inc. delivered a 70 kW photovoltaic (PV) system to Yachiyo Shoin High School in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

MARLBORO, Massachusetts 2002-02-27 [SolarAccess.com] This system is one of the largest PV systems installed at a school in the Prefecture of Chiba. The PV array of approximately 770 square meters covers part of the roof of the high school‚s Yamaguchi Gymnastic Hall using Evergreen‚s Cedar Line? PV panels. The electricity generated will be used, in part, for lighting and air conditioning at the school. Kawasaki installed the system as a turnkey solution ˆ from the conceptual design to system commissioning including test operation. The school has built this system jointly funded with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as part of their Industrial Use PV Field Test Program. The Ministry of Education and Science has been proceeding with the ‘Eco-School Program’ jointly with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 1997 to foster environmentally-oriented school facilities. As part of this initiative, Yachiyo Shoin High School plans to provide environmental education for students to study the positive impacts of Renewable Energy. Kawasaki estimates the annual output of this system to be about 67,200 kWh, which is estimated to eliminate the use of 16,353 liters of crude oil for oil-fired power generation and is projected to offset 11,140kg of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to a forest of over 28 acres.
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