Evergreen Solar Introduces New Quad Furnace

Evergreen Solar, Inc. featured its new Quad furnace technology at the European PV Solar Energy Conference in Milan, Italy last month. The Quad furnace technology will be used in Evergreen’s new 75 megawatt factory in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The furnace uses a String Ribbon process in which a set of parallel strings are pulled continuously through a small molten pool of silicon inside a custom furnace. A thin “ribbon” is created between the two strings as the silicon cools and re-crystallizes. The ribbon is then cut into wafers, which are converted into solar cells and used in the production of solar panels — all under one roof. Evergreen’s current String Ribbon technology produces two ribbons at one time, while the Quad creates four ribbons simultaneously.

For more information on the Quad Furnace visit the Evergreen Solar website linked below.


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