Evergreen Solar Begins Shipments from New Facility

Evergreen Solar announced that the new EverQ manufacturing plant in Thalheim, Germany, has begun making volume shipments of finished solar modules to the company’s customers. Also, along with its quarterly earnings report, the company assured its investors that silicon supply arrangements are in order and not anticipated to effect future earnings.

In past weeks, Evergreen Solar encountered issues related to its silicon supply agreements but the company claims they have been resolved. The company said in a statement that during the first quarter, Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) accelerated its silicon deliveries to Evergreen. Under its supply contract, REC has committed to provide EverQ and Evergreen Solar with 190 and 60 metric tons, respectively, of solar grade silicon annually over the next seven years. This volume is sufficient for both the Marlboro factory and the initial 30 megawatts of production at EverQ’s Thalheim factory. “While reliance on chunk silicon, currently supplied by REC, required us to modify our supply chain and some of our manufacturing processes in the near-term, we continue to believe it will not affect our expected results for 2006 or hinder our expansion plans,” said Richard M. Feldt, REC President and Chief Executive Officer. With regard to the newly operational factory in Germany, the Thalheim plant is now manufacturing Evergreen Solar’s new Spruce Line of photovoltaic panels. The Spruce line includes panels up to 190 W. Products fabricated at the EverQ plant use Evergreen Solar’s patented String Ribbon manufacturing process. “Our customers indicate they are very pleased to begin receiving these higher-output modules from Evergreen,” said Terry Bailey, Evergreen Solar’s Senior VP Marketing and Sales. “These Spruce modules were designed directly with our customers’ input to better suit certain applications. We’re delighted to be able to commence production of this new line.”
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