European Renewable Energy Partnership

After several joint initiatives in the past, the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), an umbrella organization of the leading European Renewable Energy industry, trade and research organizations, and International Solar Energy Society (ISES) – a global NGO focused on advancing Renewable Energy – have recently signed an agreement to cement the cooperation between the two organizations.

Brussels, Belgium – December 19, 2002 [] The two organizations agreed on a number of issues surrounding Renewable Energy. Among these, both organizations said that Renewable Energy represents an important priority in developmental policies in Europe. The Union leads the way in the implementation of environmentally sound energy technologies, and Renewable Energy is necessary to reach the eight percent reduction in greenhouse gases targeted by the EU under the Kyoto Protocol, while at the same time it offers increased security of energy supply, said the council. “Europe will play a worldwide leading role in climate change issues. The potential for the development of Renewable Energy sources is huge if the political will is there,” said Christine Lins, Secretary General of EREC. “EREC and ISES will play a leading role in the further up-take of renewable energies to achieve a sustainable and environmentally sound energy development strategy for Europe and the world.” Both parties added that Renewable Energy creates a net improvement in job opportunities, but that proactive actions are required to reach Europe’s targets. Strategic synergies, such as the agreement between EREC and ISES, are therefore highly relevant. “Our organizations have joined forces before, notably to create and disseminate a master plan for the effective and responsible export of renewable energy technologies from Europe,” said Arthouros Zervos, president of EREC. “The signing of a concrete agreement opens the way for new joint initiatives and projects, both within Europe and internationally. Cross-border and sharing of expertise are crucial to ensure the competitiveness of the European RET industry, as well as economic and social welfare in Europe and worldwide.”
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