eSolar Unveils 5-MW Solar Thermal Plant

eSolar this week unveiled its 5-megawatt Sierra SunTower solar power plant. The full-scale power plant produces electricity for Southern California Edison (SCE). eSolar says its technology resolves many of the problems that have held back large scale solar in the past including cost, speed of deployment and proximity to existing transmission lines.

eSolar uses software algorithms to precisely focus thousands of mirrors on a single point to efficiently harvest the sun’s energy and achieve economies of scale with a smaller footprint than anyone else in the business.

“Today, we unveil a new blueprint for solar energy — one that leverages Moore’s law rather than more steel,” said Bill Gross, CEO of eSolar. “Sierra is just the beginning. Soon eSolar technology will be deployed worldwide to provide clean, affordable energy to hundreds of thousands of homes.”

Constructed in less than one year, eSolar’s Sierra SunTower power plant marks the first of several developments in the Antelope Valley region using eSolar technology. Over the course of construction, this project created 300 jobs.

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