eSolar & Ferrostaal To Provide Turnkey Solar Thermal Plants

eSolar and Ferrostaal AG have agreed to form a partnership that will deploy turnkey solar power plants in Spain, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.



Under the agreement, eSolar will provide solar field and receiver technology, while Ferrostaal will provide the power block as well as manage the overall realization as general contractor, including financing activities.

“This partnership with Ferrostaal is a real coup for eSolar,” said John Van Scoter, CEO of eSolar. “Ferrostaal’s extensive construction capacity and expertise – particularly in the concentrated solar thermal field – together with eSolar’s award-winning technology, offers us the opportunity to rapidly construct solar power projects across the globe in coming years.”

eSolar unveiled Sierra SunTower, a 5 MW commercial-scale solar power plant, in the summer of 2009. Located in Lancaster, California, Sierra SunTower is the only power tower facility currently operating in North America. eSolar has continued the momentum of its international development with three licensing partnerships across three continents, including China.

In eSolar’s tower technology, mirrors reflect sunlight onto a receiver mounted atop of a tower. The focused heat boils water within the receiver and generates high-temperature steam which powers a turbine to produce electricity. Tower technology is particularly efficient as this point focusing can reach much higher temperatures than other existing CSP technologies.


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