ersol Expands Thin-film Product Offerings

ersol Thin Film GmbH, a subsidiary of ersol Solar Energy AG is launching a new thin-film module this year, which has a front panel made of toughened glass. The “Nova-T plus” module could offer significantly greater mechanical stability, which could lead to lower system and assembly costs and a wider range of applications, including in conventional mounting systems.

The Nova-T plus is an enhancement of the amorphous thin-film module, Nova-T. Due to the use of tempered glass the new modules can absorb greater compressive loads and are better protected against climatic influences, such as wind or snow. For plant operators this could reduce assembly time significantly, and enables a saving of up to 25 percent on material costs for the support structure. The new panel is also able to be used with standard commercial mounting systems with 4-clamp systems for crystalline solar modules.

“Whether it’s an open-space or a roof installation: with its high load-bearing capacity, lower system costs and extended range of applications, the Nova-T plus sets new benchmarks for our customers,” said Peter Schneidewind, managing director of ersol Thin Film GmbH.


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