EPURON Opens 2 MW Plant in Southern Spain

EPURON, a development and structured financing company that works to plan large-scale renewable energy projects, has opened a photovoltaic plant in southern Spain with a peak output of 2 megawatts. The solar system is located near Murcia, and is the second completed project part of a strategic cooperation between EPURON and Panergia.

The system was erected by EPURON’s sister company, SunTechnics, and uses a total of 11,400 Conergy C180 modules on 260 SolarOptimus trackers were used, generating an annual output of 4,100,000 kWh.

EPURON also introduced the first large-scale system using a SolarOptimus tracking system. This tracker system was developed and manufactured by Conergy. It has a mounting system with two motors that follows the movement of the sun so that optimal use can be made from sunrise till sunset. By the end of the year, the company plans to install approximately 25 MW in Spain, and an additional 30 MW is in the planning stages.

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