EPOD’s 100 kW Solar Install Delivers Energy to Utility

Under a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the German government, EPOD International’s first commercial-scale 100-kW solar power system installed in Germany has now begun generating renewable energy for sale to the local electric utility.

The system, which was installed by EPOD using EPOD-manufactured solar panels, has an estimated lifespan exceeding 40 years. Under the terms of the sale and operating agreement, EPOD retains 49% ownership and management control of the installation and is to receive 49% of all power sales revenue for the lifespan of the installation; the remaining 51% is to be paid to the company’s joint venture and investor partner. The PPA is part of a federal government energy program in Germany whereby residential, commercial and industrial power users are encouraged to use renewable energy to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, Germany’s dependence on fossil fuel-based and nonrenewable power. As both electric power demand and prices continue to increase, it is management’s opinion that demand for EPOD’s solar power systems will grow correspondingly. The company states it intends to construct, own and operate many such commercial solar power systems under similar PPAs with local and regional utilities in Germany and elsewhere in the European Union.
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