English FIT reduced civil solar PV market surged by the stimulation

In May this year, England reduced the subsidy of civil solar market below 4kW by 51.5% to 21penny/kW. For 4kW to 10kW projects, the subsidy will reduce by 53% to 16.8penny/kW. While the solar plant whose installation is between 10kW to 50kW, the subsidy will decrease by 55% to 15.2penny/kW. However, the latest data shows that the market will be recovered gradually. According to the report announced lately by Department of energy and climate change, solar photovoltaic power generation sector grows steadily by 620kW every week from April.


After the English government claimed the reduction of PV subsidy incentives, the installation and demand significantly reduced. But provisional figures show that during the week ending June 3rd, England has finished 1778 solar power equipment which increased new capacity about 6.4MW. Although this figure is less than 2186 equipments in the last week in May , as a provisional figure, it must be conservative.


Since English government carried out the FIT plan, the installation of solar power generation and other renewable power generation system. The latest figure from Energy regulator natural gas bureau shows that from April, 2010, under the FIT policy, micro power generation equipment has been over 248,000 and the whole capacity over 1GW.

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