Energy shortfall in Pakistan & huge scope for Solar energy solutions

Pakistan, a country with over 121 millionn people , facing huge shortfall of electricity i.e 6400 MW to 9000 MW. Solar energy solutions have geared a better place as business here. And there are investments available for the technology transfer for manufacturing facilities. There was a time when people were trying to test for domestic purpose but now industry has jumped in to compensate and economize its needs. Evidence to that could be taken with a current example such as I myself is in process of procuring initially from 1-MW leading to 3 MW for just one client and around 100 MW is desired 2014-2015 from just one group of industries. However, we believe that despite all, the shortfall is too high comparing to current induction.

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As of background, i am a development practitioner and have worked in Government, Corporate as well as Not for Profit sector.Currently, working on renewable energy and Solar Energy solutions in particularly. Being based in Pakistan, there is a dire need to facilitate people (over 121 million) with electricity to run the wheel of socio-economic life. A deficit of 6400 MW is being observed and industry is already badly hurt. So is the agriculture sector. Right now heading Marketing Operations for a group company by the name of READ Solar Private Limited, devising and searching the most economical yet higher performance means of solar energy / technology for such a potential market like that of Pakistan. Currently installing 2-MW project for one of my client. Would love to find good manufacturer for the projects in pipeline

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