EI Solutions to Build 1 MW Solar System for WCWD

EI Solutions revealed that it will initiate constructing a 1 megawatt(MW) solar electricity system for The West County Wastewater District’s (WCWD) main wastewater treatment plant in Richmond, California later this year.

The solar photovoltaic system is currently being funded and built under a Power Purchase Agreement with Solar Power Partners, Inc. who will own and operate the system.

The ground-mounted system will include single-axis trackers that will be used to keep 4,000 solar panels focused on the sun throughout the day, thus maximizing solar energy production. “The photovoltaic panels will produce approximately 30 percent of our facility’s overall electrical power needs,” said E.J. Shalaby, WCWD District Manager.

EI is anticipating 2 million plus kilowatt-hours to be produced by the solar electricity system within the first year of operation. Previously this year, WCWD’s Board of Directors approved the project that enabled the District to reserve 1 MW of PV electrical production through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) offered by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E).

EI Solutions gained exposure when it completed a 500 kW ground-mounted solar project for the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District in San Rafael in 2006, as well as a 1.6mw system on Google’s Mountain View Headquarters.

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