Drink up! Solar-Purified Water

What do you get when you mix water vapor and solar power panels? Clean drinking water! The benefits of solar energy are limitless!

Yes, you heard correctly. You can create pure drinking water using the sun and the air! Not many places exist without both of these resources readily available.

Purify Your Water with Solar Energy

Zero Mass Water, based in dry Arizona, has designed their photovoltaic systems to achieve this wonder. Their systems pull water vapor from heated air. Once the vapor cools, people can drink the purified water created from this process.

The system, dubbed Source, can solve a multitude of fresh water problems in less-developed countries. Just one Source photovoltaic panel can produce enough water to keep a family of four well hydrated. The company gives you their word.

Other systems try to improve tainted water, and some have reached great success. For example, the Drinkable Book uses silver or copper in its pages to remove impurities.

Still, these filters always need a water source, whether pure or not. Most people wouldn’t imagine their water coming from the air itself, but Source accomplishes this wonder exactly.

You might be thinking, “How would you get power for the Source panels to families who don’t have electricity?”

According to Duke Energy International, Source doesn’t need power. Other solar water systems do require it for their process to work. The fact that Source’s solar power panels can function without electricity raises its value to third world countries.

Solar-Purified Projects

For now, Zero Mass Water has reached Ecuador in their clean water pursuits. Ecuador provides fertile ground for improving its water supply.

While this country does see a lot of rainfall, they often run short on drinking water. Over 200,000 people must buy their water from trucks at a high price.

Zero Mass Water has already set up its systems in Guayaquil, Ecuador. They have installed Source in various places, including homes and a center that provides medical care.

The Clinton Foundation has also mentioned plans of funding projects in Peru and Chile. Additionally, Zero Mass Water has released plans of a project in Jordan. It would give Syrian refugees access to good drinking water, potentially helping hundreds of thousands of people.

This water-generating system could transform lives in less-developed countries. It will not only provide drinking water for many people, but it will improve their daily health and well-being too.


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