Dow Corning Unveils New Adhesive, Sealant & Encapsulant for Solar PV

Dow Corning has expanded its portfolio of materials developed for the specific needs of the PV industry with the addition of Dow Corning PV-8303 Ultra Fast Cure Sealant and Dow Corning PV-8030 Adhesive for bonding and sealing photovoltaic module components.

Dow Corning PV-8030 Adhesive is a one-part material for rail bonding applications where room-temperature curing is preferred. It is recommended specifically for structural bonding applications with typical PV substrates.

Dow Corning PV-8303 Ultra Fast Cure Sealant is a two-part material for fully automated production. It cures at room temperature and develops adhesion to metal, glass and plastic substrates. Adhesion is normally good to most substrates without the use of primer or of surface activation methods. The two-part product allows for custom cure rates.

The company has also received UL approval for Dow Corning PV-7030 Potting Agent, which is specifically designed for photovoltaics to provide protection to withstand the elements and provides fire resistance, excellent electrical insulation of components and stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range.

The company also announced the commercial availability of a solar cell encapsulation technology that it says improves performance and effectively lowers the cost per kilowatt-hour of solar power.

Dow Corning PV-6100 Encapsulant Series relies on the UV stability of the silicone molecule to deliver improved durability and increased efficiency for crystalline modules compared to incumbent organics. Solar cell modules assembled with Dow Corning PV-6100 Encapsulant Series pass UL Class “C” flame testing and engineering evaluations in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

“This solution will help make solar power a viable and sustainable energy option globally by improving module durability and efficiency, as well as reducing capital and manufacturing costs and significantly increasing the production rate of solar panels,” said Gaetan Borgers, global industry director, Dow Corning Solar Business.


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