Do-It-Yourself Solar Hot Water System

FAFCO, Inc. announces the release of the Hot2o, a lightweight, all-polymer, do-it-yourself solar hot water system designed to reduce water heating bills by up to 50%.

Hot2o is designed to work with any conventional residential hot water tank. The entire system fits in a single box and weighs less than 62 pounds. The system can be safely deployed on a roof by a single person using typical household tools. Self-locking connectors and flexible polymer tubing avoids sweated fittings and reduces installation time, difficulty, and leak risk. Hot2o pays for itself in less than five years, as compared to ten to twenty years with traditional glazed copper solar hot water systems. Homeowners who purchase Hot2o are eligible for federal solar energy tax credits under the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, which was extended through 2008. Hot2o is available worldwide. For more information about distributors, visit the website linked below. For system layout and sizing recommendations, see the data sheet linked below.
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