Direct investment in European PV market will bring Chinese companies win-win benefits

In September 6 this year, the EU has claimed the anti-dumping research for the Chinese PV companies and possibly countervailing research in November, which is the biggest double anti-dumping case with largest amount involved. This will be a disastrous blow to Chinese solar inverter manufacturing industry.


Facing the above complex situation, Chinese companies can shift the module production to Europe and invest solar plant directly. Also, we can actively explore new markets and coordinate export prices in Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to avoid vicious competition.


To directly invest PV plant in Europe is a great attractiveness for the Chinese investor and exporters. The European countries adopt financing policies, such as capital subsidy, net metering and feed-in tariff, to support the development of PV inverter industry. The more developed countries of the EU internal solar industry have a clear solar power feed-in tariff policy to encourage their R & D, project development and wide application. These subsidy regulations have become legal obligations in some countries. To invest Europe will bring a mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Director of the international political and economic center of Europe said that European economic has met difficulties because of the European economic crisis. Many European countries have been expecting the Chinese enterprises to invest. He stressed that the investment from China will properly increase employments, which promotes the recovery of the economy.


Tenured professor of International Management School in Lausanne, Switzerland Rahman has also said that China and Europe should seek cooperation in the key green technological area, such as solar power. Chinese companies directly investing in the PV inverter plant projects in Greece, Romania and Italy will be a very positive step. Meanwhile, Rahman admitted that the overseas public relationship of Chinese companies was always weak. Therefore, what they need is a strong PR team to Guide enterprises to straighten out the terms of the administrative and political framework of the EU internal complexity.


The Asian affairs representative of international trade and sustainable development center headquartered in Geneva, Shuaihua said not to invest in investment. To form brand, good product value chain management, and full integration with the local socio-economic.

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