Different solar solutions for the home that save you money!

Houses and flats don’t come cheap: Monthly bills don’t come cheap either. You’ve got electricity, gas, water, and council rates to worry about – along with things like a phone bill, internet bill and all of the other expenses that come with running a home. In this post we’re going to look at how an investment in the sun (yes, the sun!) could help to save you money.

The only solar solution for home owners is to attach solar panels to the roof, right? WRONG! There are many different ways that you can harness the sun in order to generate power, save money and live a greener lifestyle. The reason most people assume that solar panels are the only solution is because they’re often the most obvious – you can spot solar panels on the roof of homes and flats a mile off!

Here are a few of the most readily available solar solutions that home owners can take advantage of:

Solar panels

Those solar panels you see perched on the roof of homes and flats are known as “photovoltaic systems” in the trade. They basically turn light into energy – and the great thing is that heat is not needed – which makes them ideally suited to the UK’s rather damp climate. Solar panels allow you to drastically reduce energy bills – the only cost you need to worry about is the installation fee, after that your electricity bill in particular should fall considerably.

Water heating systems

Believe it or not it’s possible for homes to generate up to 70% of the hot water need through a roof-mounted water heating system. In summer when the weather is hotter houses and flats will receive the majority of hot water from a water heating system. In the winter you’ll receive less hot water through the system, but it’s possible to significantly reduce household energy bills because water is pre-heated – even when it’s cold outside.

Remember that sunlight is completely free – so as soon as you’ve paid for the initial installation of a water heating system, you’ll be able to slash your energy bills substantially. Many flats and houses around the country are already benefiting from the use of a water heating system, is yours?

Sun pipes

Natural light is free – unlike the lights you turn on and off with a switch. Although energy efficient bulbs are now in use in many homes, they still draw power from the mains – contributing to your monthly energy bill. A sun pipe is a really good way to introduce light into your rooms without having to pay for it. All you need to pay for is the installation of the pipe – there are no on-going costs because daylight doesn’t cost a penny!

Sun pipes work particularly well in dark and dingy rooms on the top floor of flats and homes – especially in bedrooms, bathrooms and boiler cupboards.

There are more than just solar panels out there – so make sure you consider whether or not you’re making the most out of the sun in your home. Sunlight doesn’t cost a bean, which is great news when you consider that energy prices are going up, up and up!

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