Designing Photovoltaic Policies in Europe

The Photovoltaic (PV) sector is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. On the surface, Europe — with an installed capacity of 1.79 GW in 2005 — seems to be contributing to this development. Closer examination, however, reveals that substantial market deployment takes place merely in a few EU Member States.

Germany accounted for 85 % of total European PV capacity in 2005 followed by only eight countries in which installed capacity exceeded 10 MW. In some of the latter states, initially promising developments almost ground to a halt due to worsened political and regulatory conditions.

However, thanks to political action in some countries, especially Spain, Italy and Greece, considerable growth can already be observed and is expected for the near future. The PV Policy Group — a consortium of energy agencies and PV experts from eight European countries — was created with the objective of stimulating political action throughout Europe towards the development of political-legal framework conditions for PV.

Following a detailed assessment of existing policy frameworks the PV Policy Group presents this Joint European Position Paper and Action Plan. It addresses politicians on national and EU level as well as other stakeholders who are involved in the political decision making process for solar PV.

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