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FERC should act on these 3 issues in 2022

FERC has opened several lines of inquiry into building the future grid. But FERC needs to do more in 2022.
Community Resilience Hub in Petersburg, VA. Photo shared by Queen Zakia Shabazz.

Clean Energy Groups Technical Assistance Fund: 2021 Year-in-Review

At the end of each year Clean Energy Group assesses our largest regrant program, the Resilient Power Technical Assistance Fund. This year-in-review blog overviews projects, successes, lessons learned and goals for the new year.

Energy justice and local solar go hand-in-hand

Local energy resources have the potential to equitably distribute the benefits of clean energy in a way that provides jobs, resilience and savings to communities left out of our century-old electricity grid.

Emera Technologies microgrid in a box receives green light from UL

The fire safety certification is a significant milestone that means Emera can now sell the solution to other utilities.    
Rooftop Solar

Australia tests residential solar+storage as a virtual power plant

Project Symphony will investigate the use of distributed energy resources in Western Australia’s energy market.

Amid a flood of solar applications, Maine seeks a more targeted approach

A stakeholder group tasked with helping lawmakers incentivize distributed generation and plan grid upgrades is expected to issue its first of two reports by Jan. 1.
Flooded oil refinery in Southern Louisiana following Hurricane Ida. Photo Credit: US Coast Guard via Flickr 

Build Louisiana Back Resilient

Like Hurricane Katrina and numerous storms before it, Hurricane Ida demolished Louisiana’s outdated, fossil-fuel dependent energy system. It’s time for Louisiana leadership to prioritize resilient solutions over continued fossil-fuel investment.
Photo Credit: Malp/Bigstock.com

On batteries, minerals, the circular economy, and finite supply

As the fossil fuel industry rages against the dying of the gas light, they continue to work to plant doubt about an economy centered around solar and wind paired with battery storage.
Battery storage

The next frontier of electric power will maximize renewable energy and storage

The next frontier goes beyond the shift from fossil fuels to renewables and moves toward different power resources working together.
utility scale solar pv

ITC extension could boost solar deployments by 44% over the next decade, report finds

The report by Wood Mackenzie assesses the impact of the proposed ITC extension within the budget reconciliation package, which includes $555 billion for clean energy.