Denver Airport To Expand Solar Use by 1.6 MW

Denver International Airport (DIA) said that it will will ask the City Council to approve construction of a new solar photovoltaic system that will power the airport’s fuel-storage and -distribution facility. DIA has filed the ordinances necessary to obtain council approval to enter into an agreement with MP2 Capital and Oak Leaf Energy Partners to develop the $7 million, 1.6-megawatt (MW) solar project on approximately nine acres north of the airport’s airfield.

Once operational, the new solar system is expected to provide approximately 100 percent of the fuel farm’s electricity consumption. The proposal calls for DIA to buy electricity generated by the system at a rate equal to 90 percent of Xcel Energy’s rate. The system is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

“We expect this project to reduce energy costs for our airline and cargo business partners over the 20-year term of the agreement,” said Kim Day, aviation manager at DIA. “DIA has a widespread reputation as a ‘green’ airport, and this project is another example of our commitment to environmental responsibility.”

In August 2008, a 2-megawatt (MW) solar energy system was dedicated at DIA. The solar photovoltaic system, spanning seven and a half acres at the airport’s entrance, will generate more than three million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually.

Designed and installed by WorldWater, using more than 9,200 Sharp solar panels, the ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays employ a single-axis tracking system that follows the sun during the day for greater efficiency and energy production.

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