Denmark plans to reduce the subsidy price and expand the scale

Denmark has raised the proposal of expanding Danish net electricity metering program and reduce the FIT of Denmark.


According to the Lidegaard draft, Denmark will break through the limit of the 6kW PV inverter system. They will encourage PV projects construction with larger scale.


The draft also plans to cut down half of the finance subsidy. The current FIT of solar power is consistent with the other renewable energy and will be half of the current price in 5 years.


Danish government made above change based on the decline price of the PV power inverter modules, from $5115/kW in 2011 to the current $3068/kW.


Danish solar market new PV inverter capacity turned into exponential growth, from the 1.75MW of last year up to the 223MW of 2012.


The subsidy tax rate is expected to be carried out from 2015 and amended every year from 2018.

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