Defense Research Gets Green with Solar PV

Defense research in Massachusetts might get some people up in arms, but at least no one can complain about the Government’s environmental footprint at the MITRE Center.

The MITRE Corporation is a former branch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory. A 96,000 square-foot “green” building was added to the Bedford, Ma., campus to serve as a common meeting place for students and faculty. The building was erected in accordance with standards defined by the U.S. Green Building Council. Construction of the MITRE Center began last September following a $415,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Trust. The grant was used to subsidize several “green” projects at the MITRE Center, including an entrance canopy with 1,200 square-feet of embedded photovoltaic solar panels, and a 1,700 square-foot solar roof that generates 16,900 kWh of electricity annually. “The MITRE Center is intended to be a place where MITRE staff can come together to share ideas, discover new concepts, and demonstrate our work. This building is a bricks and mortar example of MITRE’s commitment to our employees, sponsors, and the public interest,” said Marty Faga, President and CEO of MITRE. Corporate offices, the cafeteria, the InfoCenter, and the corporation’s center for education, training and development are located in the new facility. There are also several new meeting spaces with advanced technology for presentation needs.
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