Dedication for PowerLight Solar Electric Project

Mayor Len Augustine and the City of Vacaville dedicated the City’s new 39 kW solar electric system, located on the rooftop of Vacaville City Hall. Vacaville’s new solar system was designed, manufactured and installed by PowerLight Corporation. Covering 4,100 square feet, the solar array generates the equivalent energy during the daytime to power 40 homes.

Vacaville, California – May 11, 2004 [] Vacaville’s new solar electric system has already helped the city bring its utility costs down. The solar array was completed in October of 2003, and is generating utility savings of $6,500 annually for the municipality, according to PowerLight. “The use of solar power makes good sense for the city of Vacaville,” said Mayor Augustine. “It provides us with the latest technology for clean energy production and reduces our future operating costs while enabling us to realize greater energy independence. We’re pleased to be making a significant positive contribution to the quality of our region’s environment.” Pacific Gas & Electric provided a $152,757 rebate for the City’s project through the self-generation incentive program, which is designed to help businesses and government agencies to install renewable energy projects. “In addition to generating on-site power to help the city of Vacaville meet its energy needs, it’s our hope that this new solar installation will inspire others to embrace renewable energy, so that they, too, can reduce polluting emissions while saving energy costs,” said Dale Pfeiffer, Director of Public Works. PowerLight’s PowerGuard solar system is a patented, lightweight photovoltaic roofing assembly that generates clean electricity, while protecting the roof from the damaging effects of weather and UV radiation. Additionally, the solar panels deliver thermal insulation benefits that reduce heating and air conditioning costs. The City’s on-site generation system not only reduces the facility’s energy needs, it spares the environment from tons of harmful emissions such as CO2, NOX, SOX, which are major contributors to smog, acid rain and global warming. “Vacaville has long been at the forefront of communities championing renewable energy and conservation,” noted PowerLight President Dan Shugar. “Building on the success of their Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, Vacaville made the decision to adopt clean, reliable, sustainable solar power. In doing so, the City is demonstrating an environmentally-responsible approach to energy management, and a genuine commitment to lowering operating costs and saving taxpayers money.”
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