Customers Drive Renewable Energy Market

[] By approving a new solar tariff, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin cleared the way for We Energies to buy back solar power from its customers at a higher rate than customers usually receive for renewable electricity that they produce. Customers can sell We Energies all of the output from new or existing Solar PV systems (installed after January 1, 1999) at 22.5 cents per kWh in exchange for becoming 100% Energy for Tomorrow (EFT) customers. All energy and green tags flow into We Energies EFT power supply. Business customers can aggregate multiple locations of the same entity to reach the 70,000 kWh threshold under a separate tariff provision. Large customers who agree to buy more than 70,000 kWh per month under the EFT program get a bulk discount rate of 1.5 cents/kWh (down from 2.04 cents). In 2006, the bulk purchase rate will drop to 1.0 cents, down from regular EFT rate of 1.37 cents for other customers starting in 2006. To qualify, system owners must enroll in the utility’s EFT program, through which customers can voluntarily source up to 100 percent of the electricity they use from renewable energy sources.
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