CSP: Bringing Solar to the Masses

In order to bring solar to the terawatt scale, we’re going to need every solar-electric and solar-thermal technology possible. But the only technology that can deliver large amounts of electricity, heat and hot water at one time is concentrating solar power. In this podcast, we’ll have a roundtable discussion on the role of CSP in our energy mix.

We had a chance to sit down with some executives from leading companies in the CSP space at the Solar Power International conference. This roundtable was part of our video coverage at the event.

Fred Morse, Senior Advisor to U.S. Operations for Abengoa Solar, discusses the company’s power tower technology and the value of CSP for utilities.

Rob Rogan, Senior VP of the Americas for eSolar, talks about his company’s unique approach to building cheaper power tower plants.

And Arnold Leitner, President and CEO of SkyFuel, talks about the benefits of being a manufacturer of parabolic troughs, not a developer of projects.

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