CSIC Pride (Nanjing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

CSIC Pride (Nanjing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the manufacturing and selling of solar inverters, solar charge controllers, combiner boxes, etc. As a manufacturer in solar industry, we have been in this field for 4 years and gained lots of experience. At the beginning of 2012, we merged with Nanjing Pride Technology Co., Ltd, and thus become a subsidiary of the 724th Research Institute of CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industrial Corporation). As an advocator calling for the global use and the excellent experience of solar energy, we build a stable and reliable R&D team and dedicate ourselves in the improvement of our products all the time.


Even since the start of the company, we have set its green philosophy and keep practicing this philosophy continuously. Since the use of green energy has become a focus presently, more and more companies have been stepped in the field and aim themselves at serving people well. This trend, the global use of solar energy is obviously irreversible. As a high-tech company, we feel sincerely honored to offer people good experience of solar energy. And besides, solar energy has little pollution on the environment. This will thus help benefit our generations. We sincerely hope the new energy consumption concept will be built through the promotion of solar energy.


Back to the real world, we insist on that product quality is the core competence and clients are gods to us. So we arrange strict quality control process for each product produced by us and hope that each product from our company will get praise from our clients. With the philosophy that clients are gods, we pay much attention on feedbacks from our clients. We know that feedbacks can help us improve product quality and help us serve clients much better. For any question or any suggestion, feel free to contact us. We will appreciate it very much if you can give suggestions or advices.

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