Contract to Propel Daystar Production Ramp-up

[] DayStar Technologies recently signed a contract with Germany-based Blitzstrom to purchase DayStar’s TerraFoil solar cells. Located in Mainbernheim, Germany, Blitzstrom, GmbH is a photovoltaic (PV) system integrator of MW-scale PV power plants and distributor of PV systems and components in Germany and the EU. DayStar’s PV product line is an entirely different entry into a solar cell market which relies heavily on silicon wafer design. DayStar’s TerraFoil cells are silicon-free solar cells applied to special metal foils. Once the company has ramped-up their production capacity, the agreement calls for monthly delivery of TerraFoil escalating in volume through the end of 2008. Blitzstrom’s solar module fabrication facility will incorporate DayStar’s solar cells to produce and distribute traditional flat-plate modules for resale in their systems and projects. Samples for module and array testing will be delivered in the near future, with initial product shipments slated for the third quarter of 2005.
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