Conto Energia V Bill will be carried as the 6 billion PV limits of Italy was broken

The uncertainty around the PV industry of Italy so far is eventually broken by the Gestore dei Servici Energetici(GSE). Energy commission informed the Autorità per l‘energia elettrica e il gas (AEEG) that Italian PV industry has reach the limit standard of 6billion. It is equivalent to installation pv inverter capacity of 14,300MW and installed about 4 million PV equipments in a year.

As the news published, the government can be freedom to start disputed Conto Energia V. It has triggered protests, law debate and also aroused the concern of EU, but it is entering into force right on 27th August. The form bill is still effective during the transition period, but the FIT will be reduced every two years.

The new bill stipulates the government will allocate funds of 0.5 billion to the renewable energy including 0.2 billion for the PV industry. Conto Energia V Bill is popular with rooftop array pv inverter projects, especially the projects to replace the asbestos roof and including the European production of raw materials.

The government will release a simple procedure of registration system. The equipments over 12kW need to register the system. But the system below 20kW and the owner who is willing to give up the FIT for the 20% of their whole power generation can be exempted from registration. So as the equipment installed on the public facilities.

The registration fee is 3 Euro per kW paying to the GSE. The fee for more capacity system is 2 Euro per kW. During the operation, GSE will also charge 0.05 Euro per kWh.

Array for support ground should complete the pv inverter project before 21st September, 2012 in order to reserve FIT. AEEG will levy additional fees to ensure the stability, even the array completed before 30th June, 2012.

Valerio Natalizia, CEO of Gruppo Imprese Fotovoltaiche Italiane (GIFI), thought that the Conto Energia V Bill is ironically, as the goal of government department is to invigorate the economy and improve the national budget. He said that last year, the PV market taxed 2 billion Euros to the country.

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