‘Consume our own electricity, energy-saving for others’ Our country should gradually reduce the PV products exports

Thanks to the pull of the European PV market, the PV industry of our country experienced a rapid development after 2004 and the growth rate is over 100% in consecutive years. So far from 2007, the production capacity of PV inverter plants remains the world’s first that becomes the biggest output country of PV product.


The statistics shows that the plant production has reached 33 million kW. The actual capacity is up to 45 million kW. According to the domestic situation, the PV plant capacity is up to 35 million kW, which can meet the installation demand of global solar PV plants.


The exports of PV products are continuously improved as the price is falling. Taking the solar cell as an example, the exporting average price decreased 37.1%, from the 2$/W in the early year to the lowest price 0.8$/W. Although the exports of PV inverter plants of the whole year grew over 70%, the total PV products exports of Jiangsu province only increased 12.2%, which was 15.23 billion.


Recently, the Europe and America Europe and the United States  “dual” “magic” the hoop more tightly for PV products in China, cast a shadow over the domestic photovoltaic industry exports.


The U.S. Commerce Department made the preliminary countervailing duty investigations of Chinese solar photovoltaic cells, which indentified that Chinese enterprises involved in ranging from 2.9% -4.73% subsidy rate, with retrospective effect 90 days tax.


In May, the U.S. commerce department announced a new round of preliminary anti-dumping investigation of photovoltaic cell and module products. They ruled that the Chinese enterprises involved apply ranging from 31.14 to 249.96% of provisional anti-dumping tax rate and tax measures going back 90 days. This time the punitive tariffs will be superimposed on top of the countervailing duty announced in March.  The final results of U.S. Department of Commerce will be announced in October this year.

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