Consortium Calls For End To Barriers Against Renewables

A company that installs solar energy technology on commercial real estate buildings wants to remove barriers to the use of distributed generation.

LOS ANGELES, California, US, 2001-04-03 <> RealEnergy has thrown its support behind the mission of the new private energy coalition, announced late last month by a group of powerful California landlords and the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA). The coalition issued a four- point program that focuses on encouraging efficient use of energy, accessibility and reliability. “We also need to focus on new ways to deliver clean power and new technologies that can routinely contribute to the overall productive capacity of our state wide power system,” says RealEnergy chairman and CEO Dan Cashdan. The company is a member of the Coalition. A number of barriers that now stand in the way of the widespread use of new onsite generation technology must be removed by state legislators, says Cashdan, who company is currently installing 10 MW of distributed generation in 20 buildings. Last year, RealEnergy completed the largest solar PV installation in the western hemisphere at two large business locations in Southern California. On-site power generation is increasingly viewed by many California legislators as a short term viable solution that can shave the top off power blackouts occurring throughout the state, he explains. Natural gas internal combustion engines, turbines, fuel cells, and other technologies are being considered by government officials at the federal and state levels as long term solutions to power shortages. New York is looking at onsite generation as a potential preemptive solution for expected power shortages on the east coast as early as this summer. “We’ve looked at a number of new power generating technologies to determine, among other things, how quickly they can be brought online,” explains Cashdan. “We are very impressed with the advances that research and development have made in recent years.” “This is not science fiction anymore, it’s real and it’s viable,” he says. “It can help us address one of the most difficult problems that we are likely to face over the next two decades.” RealEnergy is directing installations in commercial real estate properties in California in order to determine which buildings can benefit from onsite power generation systems.

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