Connecticut Receives Solar PV Project Applications

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has received 19 pre-applications, representing 24 separate projects, in response to its Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Program, created to stimulate the PV market and demonstrate the use of PV systems as a viable, distributed power-generation resource in Connecticut.

Rocky Hill, Connecticut – February 14, 2003 [] Interested parties were requested to submit a pre-application by December 13, 2002, to qualify for participation in the Request for Proposal (RFP), issued on January 17, 2003. CCEF has made available up to US$1 million for projects ultimately selected. “This is our first Solar PV program and we are extremely pleased with the level of response and interest,” said Charles Moret, managing director, investments, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “We look forward to selecting the finalists and getting these valuable Solar PV projects installed.” The majority of the 19 pre-applications described projects located in Southwest Connecticut, and several are proposed in the towns which are listed as primary congestion areas. The range in size of proposed projects was from 600 W to 120 kWh and represents total Solar PV capacity of 523 kW. The total amount of funding requested from these projects totaled US$3.6 million. Of the 19 pre-applications, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund chose 11 to submit formal proposals. CCEF will select projects that best illustrate innovative, effective and replicable PV systems on buildings that: -Provide high-value or premium-power attributes; -Relieve electrical load congestion in critical areas in Connecticut; -Promote a highly visible application; -Reduce barriers to installation; -Demonstrate innovative approaches to design, application or financing; and -Promote environmental benefits. The submission date for the final proposals is February 28, 2003. CCEF intends to notify finalists in April 2003, at which time formal contract negotiations should begin.


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