Connecticut Program Enhances Solar PV Rebate Program

The Clean Energy Investment Committee of Connecticut Innovations (CI) approved several enhancements to the Solar PV Rebate Program, an initiative of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF).

Enhancements include an increase in the residential installation size covered under the rebate from 5 kilowatts (kW) to 10 kW and a new funding basis for rebates on residential systems. Rebates will be calculated at up to $5 per watt applied to the first 5 kW and up to $4.30 per watt applied to the next 5 kW for systems that are larger than 5 kW. Under the revised formula, the maximum rebate available on residential solar installations is $46,500. Rebate incentives will be subject to a maximum of the customer’s average annual or expected electric usage. Plus, the subsidy for Connecticut State Sales Tax has been eliminated. “The power provided by such systems can help consumers stabilize their electricity bills and can help reduce the strain on the electric grid in Southwest Connecticut,” said Lise Dondy, CCEF president.
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