Conergy’s SunTechnics Expands into Solar Heating

[] Hamburg-based SunTechnics, a subsidiary of Conergy AG, is continuing to develop its efforts in the area of renewable heat supply. As part of an asset deal, SunTechnics is benefiting from the engineering expertise of Aqua’quitus SA and ERTE SA from Geneva. Their founder, Georges Spoehrle, made a name for himself in Switzerland in particular with the development and integration of innovative heating and cooling systems and has more than 20 years of experience in this area. His achievements include the solar city in Plan-Les-Ouates near Geneva. For this showcase project, Spoehrle planned and implemented the solar-power-assisted air conditioning of a total of 250 flats in nine buildings. The so-called “Enerbus” technology allows SunTechnics to efficiently combine hot water production, heating and cooling of buildings using one single, intelligent distribution network. This process uses a 2-pipe local heating network, which replaces the classic and outdated 4-pipe system (heater feed line and runback, hot water and circulation).
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