Conergy SunTop PV Mounting System Available in the U.S.

Conergy Inc. has released the SunTop PV mounting system in the United States. The system is used to mount framed PV modules to building roof structures in a simple fashion. The SunTop features Quickstone technology to simplify rail connections and attachments; Telescope technology for adjusting length end rails; and roof attachments for faster installation. The SunTop is now available to order in the U.S.

Elegant Simplicity: Conergy SunTop offers an elegant yet simple installation solution which can be mounted easily on any pitched roof with almost any kind of roof material. Significant Savings: Conergy SunTop’s unique engineering and high level of pre-assembly reduces installation time dramatically. Because the five rail lengths and adjustable Telescope end piece can be combined to fit any size installation, Conergy SunTop reduces shipping, handling and inventory costs as well. Code Compliance: The Conergy SunTop web-based Certified Sizing Tool helps ensure that all Conergy SunTop installations meet IBC, UBC and CBC building standards. Try the Certified Sizing Tool here Adjustable rail length: The Telescope technology eliminates the need to cut rail on the job site, while enabling precise module installations. Module Compatibility: Conergy SunTop is compatible with framed PV modules from all major manufacturers. Components: -Conergy rail -Module end clamp -Inter-module clamp -Roof attachments: -T-Foot -L-Foot Hanger bolt Roof hooks for various tile roofs Splice Telescope Required Tools: -6 mm allen key -Cordless drill -5/16 in wrench for lag bolts for T-Foot and L-Foot installations -7 mm box wrench and 17 mm open-end wrench for hanger bolt installations -Screwdrivers for roof hook installations -Grinder with stone disk for tile roof installations
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