Company to Sell Photovoltaic Panels at US$2.50

A California company says it is ready to sell solar panels at US$2.50 a watt.

PLEASANTON, California, US, 2001-07-27 [] A California company says it is ready to sell solar panels at US$2.50 a watt. VOLT Inc. will start production of the panels within 90 days, following its purchase of all patents, prototypes and continuing technology from The technology is protected by two U.S. patents and a patent has been issued in Britain, with protection pending in Germany, Japan, Singapore and Canada. Annual sales of solar power equipment are estimated at $2 billion around the world, with annual growth of 25 percent. Officials at VOLT predict the niche markets that it will pursue with its products will grow at 40 percent per year. The PV cells will use thin film and adhesive technology, with prices starting at $2.50 per watt, compared with the $5 to $6/watt price of PV panels available today. They can be shipped with no breakage in a letter-size envelope and are are expandable with a patented process unlimited wattage. The cells will have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. VOLT changed its name earlier this year from Deerbrook Publishing Group. In May, the company purchased a windfarm in California’s Altamont Pass that had more than 1,000 95 kW retrofitted turbines. The physical assets were valued at $15 million, and the unit value of $2,000 to $4,000 was due to the need to repower the facility with new 900 kW turbines that can generate electricity at less than 4.5¢/kW. The company is arranging credit of $100 million to construct the first phase of 60 MW.
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