Company Acquires Desalination and Solar Technologies

A Canadian company says it has reached binding agreements to acquire new technology to use solar energy to desalinate water and to produce hydrogen, liquid fuels and electricity directly from atmospheric CO2.

KELOWNA, British Columbia, CA, 2001-11-09 [] Hyaton Organics will be renamed Sun Power Corporation as of November 1. It says it has share exchange agreements with the publicly traded company, Solar Energy Limited, and three of its subsidiaries, to acquire 100 percent of the shares of two private companies: Sunspring Inc. and Renewable Energy Corporation. Sunspring is a Nevada corporation which has developed solar driven water desalination and pumping technology. Officials of Hyaton say the patent pending process, called ‘H20 NOW,’ minimizes the cost of energy by using solar collectors attached to a transducer to collect and store the solar energy. They say the system has been designed to use solar collectors, and can produce freshwater from sea or brackish water. “The various existing desalination plants that produce fresh water from seawater require so much energy that the water produced is too expensive for anything but drinking,” say officials. They want to produce fresh water at less than US$0.50 per thousand gallons ($0.13 per m3), compared with other reverse osmosis plants that produce water for $3 to $6 per thousand gallons, depending on the size of plant and cost of energy. Renewable Energy Corp is a New Mexico company with solar energy technology applicable to automotive fuel, hydrogen and electricity production. Until now, Hyaton Organics’s primary asset has been its interest in Camden, a company involved in organic-based fertilizers from animal residues. For the first six months of this year, it reported no revenue. Under its new name of Sun Power, company officials claim that the solar technologies it has acquired are proprietary and applicable to immediate commercial scale-up. When legal transactions are complete, it will launch its global solar development program.
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