Companies Plan Large Flexible Solar PV Modules for Rooftops

Littleton, Colorado [] Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. and PermaCity Solar are jointly developing a series of new products, including a large, flexible “plug-and-play” photovoltaic (PV) module for use in the commercial and residential rooftop markets. Ascent Solar predicts that these new modules, which will reduce installation from weeks to days, as they “snap” together, and will cut the cost of electricity generated with today’s silicon-based PV systems by a factor of two. Tentatively named the AST 5000 Series, it is expected to generate between 100 Watts and 5,000 Watts of power per module, depending on size. The companies expect that the largest of the new designs will be three to four feet wide and nearly half a football field in length to provide roughly ten times the power of the largest silicon module available in the market today.
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