Commercial Solar System to Start at Arizona High School

A large utility in Arizona will dedicate a 5 kilowatt solar electric system

TUCSON, Arizona, US, 2001-05-15 <> The solar system was designed by senior engineering students at Palo Verde High Magnet School as part of the Photovoltaics for Schools Project, and is eligible for a $10,000 reimbursement from TEP as a part of the SunShare program. TEP and Tucson Unified School District will dedicate the solar system on May 16. “We are eager to share this unique energy and education success story,” says Stan Paz, superintendent of the school board. “We hope these students are learning how many homes and businesses can be powered by solar today and in the future.” The 5 kW of solar modules cost $25,000 to install, and will reduce the school’s electricity costs by $1,500 a year. The $10,000 rebate from TEP is designed to assist with the up-front costs of solar on local homes and businesses. “The more options we have for power generation the better our ability to deliver reliable, cost-effective electricity,” adds Steve Glaser of TEP. “Renewable resources create an additional dimension to our fuel sources.” TEP is Arizona’s second-largest investor-owned electricity utility company, and the primary subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corp of Tucson.


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