Commercial Giants Embrace Solar Power Systems

Large-scale companies have ventured into the solar world! They are realizing the dropping cost of a solar power system, and they love the thought of an energy bill the size of the pennies in their pockets.

One report by the Solar Energy Industries Association tips its hat at companies such as Apple, IKEA and Kohl’s. These companies have not only mingled solar energy into their businesses, they have installed hefty solar power systems made for serious work.

Of these companies installing high-level solar, Target finds its name at the top. In fact, Target now clips ahead of Walmart in generating solar power for its buildings.

Target’s New Gain on Walmart & IKEA’s Solar Devotion

This year alone, Target added 70 megawatts to its systems, bringing its total power created from solar energy to 147 megawatts! This energy total spans across 300 sites.

By adding more panels, Target barely slipped ahead of Walmart’s solar power systems. Walmart generates 145 megawatts across 364 sites, a mere 2 megawatts behind its competitor.

Even though these companies top the others in power created, they haven’t installed solar energy across all possible sites. IKEA, on the other hand, nears this feat. The huge retailer has furnished 90% of its buildings with solar power, showing its devotion to using sustainable energy.

Adding solar to these large companies is no small deed. While solar costs have dipped recently, they don’t drop quite as intensely for corporate photovoltaic systems. Thus, large companies haven’t adopted this renewable source as rapidly as residents do.

Solar Power Systems Go Large

Needless to say, these companies from all different walks of industry are reforming the commercial realm. Despite the slower cost drop, they have embraced the benefits of solar energy into their practices. Companies great and small will watch these giants flourish in their solar pursuits, and they will follow in their glory.

Large businesses all over the United States are also adding to the 2016 solar energy projection of 14 gigawatts. This much solar energy could give light and heat to over two million families and remove fourteen fossil fuel plants out of the industry. Imagine replacing all that coal and natural gas with clean, renewable energy!

Although solar farms will create nearly three fourths of this projected energy, large businesses will add great value to this number. They represent a growing solar community that reaches beyond the walls of a home and extends its arms to the commercial world.


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