Coalition Calls for Expansion of Solar Power in California

A coalition of policy makers, environmental groups and businesses launched a campaign to expand California’s solar power market to include solar water heating, a rooftop technology that captures sunlight to reduce fossil fuel use in homes and businesses.

The group recently released a report by Environment California Research & Policy Center quantifying the benefits solar water heating can bring to California and to call for passage of The Solar Hot Water and Efficiency Act of 2007 (AB 1470), authored by Assemblymember Jared Huffman and sponsored by Environment California. Environment California Research & Policy Center’s new report, “Solar Water Heating: How California Can Reduce Its Dependence on Natural Gas,” summarizes the current state of solar water heating technology and outlines the significant benefits of growing the market for these systems in California. Some of the benefits highlighted in Environment California Research & Policy Center’s report include greater energy independence, a healthier environment and reduced energy bills. “California needs more solar power if we are going to solve global warming and lower energy costs,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, Clean Energy Advocate for Environment California. A full copy of Environment California Research & Policy Center’s report is at as well as the most recent version of AB 1470. The bill will be up for a vote in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee today at 1:30 PM. It passed the Assembly Utilities & Commerce Committee Monday, April 16th, by a vote of 7-4.
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