Coalition Aims for Net-Zero Energy Homes

A coalition of corporate and not for profit organizations will be launched to help accelerate the economic development and environmental benefits of available onsite green energy technologies and energy efficiency applications and devices designed for Canada’s residential building sector.

Ottawa, Canada – April 5, 2004 [] The coalition is urging the federal and provincial governments to implement a market-oriented solution that leverages the use of incentives aimed at offering new home buyers greater opportunities to install onsite renewable energy generation and enhanced energy efficiency, which combined, will result in a Net-Zero Energy Home. “Relying solely on traditional centralized power generation for electricity limits Canada’s ability to compete to its fullest in the global market and impedes the availability of sustainable energy choices for Canadians”, said Mossadiq S. Umedaly, Chairman of Xantrex Technology, Inc. A net-zero energy home at a minimum, supplies to the grid an annual output of electricity that is equal to the amount of power purchased from the grid. In many cases the entire energy consumption (heating, cooling and electrical) of a net-zero energy home can be provided by renewable energy sources. The coalition is seeking a combination of: 1. A Federal Government commitment to offer a reduction of the GST from the purchase of a new home and, 2. A commitment from respective provinces to offer a provincial sales tax exemption or equivalent from the costs of materials used in the construction of the new home. These abatements would then be used toward the upgrading of the home’s energy efficiency standard to a minimum of an R-2000 rating, and towards the installation of onsite renewable energy devices such as geothermal and solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) power. “Onsite electrical generation sources like photovoltaics (PV) should be a critical component of an energy strategy that addresses government priorities of enhanced energy efficiency, conservation and reliability”, said Milfred Hammerbacher, President of Spheral Solar Power. If supported, the coalition believes it would serve as the first integrated and comprehensive approach to developing and implementing Canada’s onsite “green” energy technologies leading to a significant reduction in green house gas emissions, cleaner air and economic development. The coalition is comprised of a group of forward-looking home builders, developers of new decentralized energy systems, and companies and organizations dedicated to the belief that existing technologies are sufficiently available to enable the deployment of net-zero energy homes across Canada. Members of the coalition include, Thomasfield Homes, DuPont Canada Inc., Earth Energy Society of Canada, Xantrex Technology, Inc., Canadian Solar Industries Association, Milton Hydro Distribution, Inc., Spheral Solar Power, Inc., (a subsidiary of ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc), Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and, EnerQuality Corporation.
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