Chinese Seek Partners to Produce PV Cells at 21% Efficiency

A Chinese agency, the Beijing Solar Photoelectricity Center, is soliciting foreign investment and participation in the country’s renewable energy companies, particularly in what it describes as ground breaking new solar panel manufacturing technology.

BEIJING, China, CN, 2002-01-17 [] The group says co-operation is wanted to set up manufacturing facilities for what it describes as Composite Membrane PV Cells. It says the patented composite membrane PV cells replace silicon materials and feature 27 different materials coated on glass surface to absorb all spectra of the sun’s rays. Instead of PN/PIN nodes, the technology uses SNR three-dimensional large scale integrated circuit technology and an energy transfer rate of 21.6 percent, compared with 13 percent for monocrystalline and 6 percent for non-crystalline, according to the Centre. It claims that production costs for the new PV panel can be 20 percent of silicon units. “Jiangsu Province is one of the areas with advanced solar energy product technologies, production and commercialization,” explains the Center. “No one knows how many solar water heater manufacturers in the province. In the Haian and Dafeng counties alone, there are a hundred manufacturers.” Most factories make vacuum tube collectors, with total annual production capacity of 200,000 units, with Huayang, Ningzhi and Huihuang as leading brands. The Beijing Solar Photoelectricity Center is located in China’s Zhong Guan Cun high-tech district. Many patents authorized by the Chinese government involve solar electricity, and several large companies have been formed in other provinces by taking Beijing Solar as a centre. Beijing Solar Center has two research institutes, and six branch companies.
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